Unprecedented number of entries received

Innovation Awards 2013

Unprecedented number of entries received

Applications for the Lake Maintenance Innovation Awards for 2013 have now closed with an unprecedented 74 entries received.

This is a significant increase from previous Awards; the DHHS, THOs and our partners are embracing the idea of showcasing innovation and celebrating our achievements!

52 applications in Health and a further 22 in Human Services and the community sector were received from a diverse range of service settings and locations and from a variety of professional and community project teams. This has certainly left our judging panels with a difficult task ahead.

For the first time we are recognising innovation and excellence in a single Awards program across all our organisations and the community sector. This is a transition year so we have maintained our separate judging panels for the 2013 program.

The Health judging panel is:

  • Ruth Forrest MLC – Member for Murchison
  • Darren Mathewson – Aged and Community Services Tasmania
  • Sue Kilpatrick – Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania
  • Mike Woolley – consumer representative

The Human Services and Community Sector judging panel is:

  • Ingrid Ganley, Disability and Community Services
  • Bruce Kemp, Child and Youth Services
  • David Clements, National Disability Services
  • Dale Rahmanovic, Family Support Services
  • Peter White, Housing Tasmania
  • Karen Bellette, Disability and Community Services

Assessment of the applications is currently underway and finalists are due to be announced on 4 October.

Winners will be announced at the presentation evening to be held on the evening of 18 October.

Every application received was able to demonstrate excellent examples of how we're helping patients and clients. Huge thanks to everyone who put the time and the effort into submitting an application.

Celebrating your success will allow us to grow and develop to benefit our clients and to build on the services and programs we deliver.

Francine Douce
Director of Nursing & Midwifery


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