Healthy Tasmania Writing a Case Study

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To build our understanding about how the grants are improving health and wellbeing in Tasmanian communities you may wish to provide us with a case study.

Case studies can be a simple and brief story that describes how the project has affected the people involved in the project or it may provide details about how the project worked for the community.

Here are some guiding questions that can be considered when writing your case study.

  1. What is the title of your case study?
  2. What is the issue that your case study relates to?
    (for example, priority area such as improving access to healthy food, increasing physical activity of community members or the development of partnerships)
  1. How was the program developed?
  2. Is anyone better off for being involved with the program and how do you know?
  3. Do you have any plans for the project in the future?  If so what are these?
    (for example, continue the program with a different group of participants or identify new partners to be involved?)
  1. What is the key achievement of the project
    (for example, improving access to healthy food, helping people stop smoking or be more physically active)?
  2. Do you have a photo or picture that we can include with the case study?
    Please attach.
    (Please ensure that you have gained consent to use the photograph from any person in the photograph.  Any photograph used will be returned.)
  1. What ways are you happy for us to use your case study (please highlight)?

    Media release            
    Social Media

  2. Do you give Population Health Services permission to record your case study as a video to be used on the Population Health Services website or on social media?


  • Does the case study read well?
  • Does the case study reflect a part or the entire project?
  • Have you shown where you got your information from?
  • Are the facts included useful and reliable?