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Joined Up Project Update - January 2017

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Joined Up Project Overview - December 2015

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Joined Up Human Services Project

Developing better human services in partnership

The Tasmanian Government is working to improve Tasmania's human services system in partnership with the community sector, clients and the broader community. The Joined Up Human Services Project, or Joined Up, is working to see how services can work together to better meet community needs and put people first.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to delivering a more joined up service and support system for vulnerable individuals and families, especially those with complex support needs.

We want to make it easier for people to navigate all human services; minimise the information people have to repeat; and have lead support coordinators work with clients to build their resilience and increase self-capacity.

Joined Up is part of a long term partnership with the community sector.

Joined Up is broken down into four phases and we are now working on the third phase. The phases are:

  • Phase One – preliminary research, data analysis and community consultation.
  • Phase Two – detailed scoping, planning and development of the proposed initiatives.
  • Phase Three (current phase) – implementation and evaluation of the initiatives over an 18 month period.
  • Phase Four – implementation of a new service system from July 2017 subject to the findings of the Phase Three evaluation and ongoing funding.

We have done a lot on Phase Three in 2015. Since the project team re-formed earlier in 2015, the project was re-scoped resulting in five trial initiatives being implemented from 2015-2017. The initiatives are:

  • Place Based Initiative – delivering a service system network analysis in the Huon Valley and related work to strengthen the service system
  • Person Based Initiative – delivering a Lead Support Coordination Service
  • Service Improvement Initiative (to be delivered as part of the Person based Initiative) – facilitating the participation of five people and their families from Child Protection Services in the Lead Support Coordination Service
  • System Improvement Initiative –  implementing common processes and researching ICT support needs of the Lead Support Coordination Service
  • Privacy Legislation Scan – investigating barriers to information sharing and overcoming these for the Lead Support Coordination Service.

We will continue to consult with the community sector, government services and other interested groups into 2016 as each initiative progresses. Further information on the project initiatives can be found under Project Updates.

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