About us

Putting our clients at the centre of all we do 

The Department of Health and Human Services is a Tasmanian Government Agency that provides public health and human services to the Tasmanian population.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of healthcare, fostering a commitment to best practice and continuous improvement, education and research.

Healthcare in Tasmania is characterised by strong team work and close professional relationships with peers, other health professionals and communities.

Like most healthcare organisations we have many challenges to face but these can also create great opportunities and there are also many benefits in working for us.

As one of the largest employers in Tasmania, we strive to make Tasmanians among the healthiest people in the world. In providing our services we value:

  • people

  • access

  • integrity

  • collaboration

  • safety and quality

  • efficiency and effectiveness

  • continuous learning and improvement

  • promotion and support of health and well-being


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