Contact tracing for gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV cases

Contact tracing for gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV cases

Contact tracing is an essential part of managing all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to reduce prevalence and prevent reinfection.

Clinicians at Sexual Health Services (SHS) are available to discuss treatment and contact tracing for all STIs.

From November 2015 the Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit will contact GPs of all new cases of gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV to offer support from SHS. This initiative is initially for six months.

It is optional for all GPs to use. All other STIs, such as chlamydia, will continue to be managed by GPs unless they seek management of particular cases by SHS.

In addition to the Australasian Contact Tracing Manual available at a number of resources have been developed to assist GPs with contact tracing.

The GP toolkit available at provides a useful summary of contact tracing. Think GP also offers an online CPD-accredited training module in STI contact tracing.

Other patient-initiated referral resources include: (anonymous partner notification by SMS) (for MSM) (for ATSI information)

If you would like further information please contact the Communicable Disease Prevention Unit on 1800 671 738 or Sexual Health Services on 1800 675 859.

Dr Mark Veitch
Acting Director of Public Health

Dr Louise Owen
Director of Statewide Sexual Health Services

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November 2015