Vaccinations and Boosters

Vaccinations and Boosters

Everyone should be protected from some diseases while others only affect certain groups or in certain locations.

Some people may need immunising against certain diseases or may need additional boosters:

  • intending mothers
  • those with chronic illnesses
  • people in occupations, such as nursing
  • travellers

Children can be immunised at school if your council runs a school immunisation program. These programs are run in either Grade 6 or 7 and provide vaccinations against Hepatitis B, Varicella (Chicken Pox) and, for girls, Human Papilloma Virus (to protect against cervical cancer). Contact the environmental health officer at your council for advice.

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Boosters are doses of vaccine given after the initial immunisation course. This can often be years later. You may need a booster because immunity to the disease can diminish with time.

Many of these vaccines are provided free-of-charge from your GP or other immunisation provider, although you may have to pay a consultation fee.

Common vaccinations include:

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