Tobacco Control Laws

Tobacco Control Laws

In Tasmania there are restrictions covering:

New laws effective 29 November 2017

Laws for tobacco products and e-cigarettes

Parliament has passed new laws for electronic cigarettes and for licensing tobacco products.

Under the new laws, electronic cigarettes cannot be sold to children, sold without a licence, advertised, or used in smoke-free areas.

New Guidelines for the Sale of Smoking Products also start on 29 November 2017. The guidelines contain mandatory requirements for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

The guidelines replace and update the previous version to include electronic cigarettes and other personal vaporiser products.

Fact sheets

New laws for electronic cigarettes, smoke-free areas and tobacco licensing fact

Smoke-free areas fact

Email Public Health Services at or call the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738 for more information.

Updated Retailer Guide

Smoking Products Retailers Guide 2017


A number of different strategies are used to enforce smoke-free areas and the legislative compliance among tobacco or e-cigarette sellers:

  • Compliance visits: tobacco retailers are regularly checked to ensure they comply with the laws.
  • Controlled Purchase Operations: we test whether retailers are selling tobacco products to children. When a sale is made, the seller and/or retailer may be prosecuted.
  • Warnings and infringement notices

Have you noticed a breach?

Call the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738 to report breaches of the tobacco control legislation.

Want more information?

Public Health Act 1997

2010 Compliance report: From Suitcase to Glovebox