Sales to Children

Sales to Children

It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco products to people aged under 18 years.

Tobacco retailers should ask for proof of age (such as a drivers licence, passport, a Tasmanian Government Proof of Age card) before selling cigarettes to a young person.

Proof of age definition section 64 under the Public Health Act 1997

Guidelines for the Sale of Tobacco 


Retailers and/or employees found to have sold cigarettes to a person under 18 will automatically receive an infringement notice of $616.

Alternatively they may be prosecuted with a maximum fine of $7 700 for a first offence and to $15 400 for a subsequence offence. 

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in an infringement notice or prosecution.

Compliance surveys

Additionally, compliance surveys are carried out by Quit Tasmania to see if retailers are selling tobacco products to people under 18 years of age.

Read the 2010 report From Suitcase to Glovebox  

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Under 18 warning notice

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