Laura...Let's start a conversation

Tobacco Control Lets Start a Conversation

Laura...Let's start a conversation

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On supporting someone to quit: You're actually helping people to change their own lives.  Let's start a conversation.Laura is the house co-ordinator at a Supported Independent Living home near Hobart.

She is determined to break the pattern of peer pressure and chain smoking that can be a barrier to her clients’ efforts to give up smoking.

She says her role as a support worker is to build a rapport and have a continuing conversation with clients about quitting. If they have a relapse, Laura encourages them to keep on trying to stop smoking.

Get the support you need to stop smoking

Talk to your:

  • Doctor
  • Health worker
  • Support worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Another member of your care team

Visit Quitline or call 137848.

Visit Your Health and Quitting for more information and resources.