Sharon...Let's start a conversation

Tobacco Control Lets Start a Conversation

Sharon...Let's start a conversation

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On quitting: There are people out there that will help you... Don't give in, you don't need the smokes.  Let's start a conversation.Sharon started smoking at 12 years of age, and would go through a pouch of tobacco every couple of days.

She looked after her Dad for five years when he had emphysema. Sharon’s wake-up call came in hospital when she learnt her own lungs were only working at 50% capacity.

Sharon now uses nicotine lozenges and when she thinks she might relapse, she rings her supporters at the Smoking Cessation Program, the gym or the Quitline.

Get the support you need to stop smoking

Talk to your:

  • Doctor
  • Health worker
  • Support worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Another member of your care team

Visit Quitline or call 137848.

Hear more from Sharon on YouTube (closed captions available)

Visit Your Health and Quitting for more information and resources.