Why should I talk about smoking?

Tobacco Control Lets Start a Conversation

Why should I talk about smoking?

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Improve mental healthWhy should I talk about smoking


Smoking helps with managing poor mental health.


Smoking increases the risk of anxiety and depression. It is also associated with an increased risk of  psychosis and suicide.

Stopping smoking for six weeks or more is linked with improved physical and mental health, and an improved quality of life.

People may need less medication.

Reduce stress


Smoking reduces stress.


Smoking only temporarily relieves nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the stress this causes. It does not relieve any other stress.

Stopping smoking may cause stress in the short term, but over time most people will feel less stressed.

Improve health, save money


People with mental illness do not want to quit smoking.


They do, and have the same reasons for stopping smoking as other people who smoke.

Reasons to stop include improving health, saving money, and wanting to follow the advice of doctors/others.

Your support can make a difference

Research shows that for every 33 conversations a health professional has with clients about smoking, one will result in a client quitting.



Statewide Smoking Cessation Program (for hospital inpatients and outpatients)

A doctor or pharmacist can support smoking cessation.


Tobacco in Australia: Facts and Issues https://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/chapter-7-cessation/7-12-smoking-and-mental-health

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