Recreational Water Quality

Recreational Water Quality

Recreational waters may be a risk to public health if the water has been contaminated.

  • Follow the signs - Some recreational waters are not suitable for swimming. Be alert for warning signs. For more information, contact your local council.
  • Don't enter urban water after heavy rain - Storm events and heavy rain may wash contaminants into waterways.  As a precaution wait at least two days after the rain stops before swimming in recreational waters located in urban areas.
  • Don't swim near storm water outfalls


The  Tasmanian Recreational Water Quality Guidelines 2007 require local councils to monitor the quality of popular recreational waters within their jurisdictions. This takes place between December and March each year.

The Director of Public Health releases a Recreational Water Quality Annual Report on the status of recreational waterways and bodies.

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Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water 2008