Risk Descriptors for Assessment

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Low Risk

Review and assessment by Director, Health Planning Unit and recommendation submitted to Secretary, DoH, within 30 days of receipt of Application

Service description amendments

  • the correction and update of typographical errors
  • insubstantial amendments, such as service or workforce requirements wording changes or service level descriptors

Medium Risk

Review and assessment by Deputy Secretary - PPP and recommendation submitted to Secretary, DoH, within 45 days of receipt of Application

Existing Service Update

  • Update to one service only (including assessment of service level change at each site/s) with no impact on other services
  • If it is a support service level amendment then it must document the impact and sustainability of other services
  • Service and workforce requirement amendments that impact on the change of service level

    Considerations of assessment
    • Any funding/purchasing implications including per annum costing for additional FTE and resourcing
    • Any workforce implications
    • Sustainability of service level change/increase
    • Any other relevant financial or service-related implications

High Risk

Review and assessment to Secretary, DoH, to seek advice from Clinical Planning Taskforce.  Recommendations expected within 60 day of receipt of Application.

New Service or update to Service with significant changes

  • All new statewide service and support service applications
  • Changes and updates to an existing service that affect multiple services and/or TRDF/CSP

  • Considerations of assessment
    • In addition to above: short description provided on the implementation milestones and timeframes

Appeals Process

Applicant can submit a written appeal within 14 days.
Appeal Delegate: Minister for Health