Huon Valley Place Based Initiative Update - Dec 2015

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The Huon Valley – The Tasmanian Government is undertaking a two year project to see how services can work together to better meet the needs of the community and put people first. This is called the Joined Up Human Services Project, or Joined Up for short.

The Joined Up project is being delivered by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Joined Up project team will work with Huon Valley service providers.

DHHS believes that with a strong, collaborative and cooperative service system the community will have improved access to information and services. We will work with service providers on strengthening their connections and improving how they collaborate. Service providers will be better informed about what services are available across the service system and where assistance for community and clients can be found. This increased knowledge of services will make it easier for the community to connect with services and access the right information to make decisions on what services best suit them.

We will build on the good relationships that already exist across the service system. The goal is to further improve the level of cooperation and communication across the service system.
More than 120 government and non-government organisations have been identified as providing services to people from the Huon Valley. Some of these services are delivered in the Huon Valley, while many are delivered from the greater Hobart area. These services include education, health, police, and a range of other social services. These services are not provided in isolation and there is wide agreement that for many clients of these services, service providers could work more closely together to provide the best outcome for clients.

We believe that strong collaboration between service providers is important for improving outcomes for the community. In recent times a number of organisations have undertaken a considerable amount of work to improve the Huon community's access to information and services. We will work with those services to build on that good work to everyone's benefit.

In addition to this, Huon Valley service providers will also have a role in referring five individuals or families with multiple complex needs into the Joined Up Person Based Initiative. This initiative will test if people facing particularly difficult issues can have better outcomes when there is a coordinated approach to having their needs met.

Further project information and updates will be available through