Person Based Initiative Fact Sheet

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Since June 2015, the Tasmanian Government has been implementing a four year project to see how services can work together to better meet the needs of the community and put people first.  This is called the Joined Up Human Services Project, or Joined Up for short.

Joined Up is being delivered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

As part of the project we are trialling five initiatives to see how we can build a user-friendly, sustainable and supportive person-centred system.  One of those is the Person Based Initiative.

This initiative is testing a Lead Support Coordination Service (LSCS), which will provide a streamlined client coordination service, using a lead support coordinator to support a minimum of 25 individuals and families with multiple and complex needs.  We will look at how the LSCS can better support families where children are at risk of harm or neglect, so that families are able to remain together.  The LSCS will include young people who are homeless and at further risk of harm.

The Joined Up project team has been working with providers and a sector reference group to develop a model for the LSCS. The LSCS will support those individuals and families with multiple and complex needs.

In partnership with the sector, the project team has:

  • defined what we mean when referring to  people with complex needs;
  • determined the role and function of the Lead Support Coordinators ;
  • defined the program support functions of the LSCS, including common intake and assessment, monitoring and learning, and methods for increasing priority responses for extraordinary client circumstances;
  • developed principles to support the LSCS; and
  • developed a person-defined outcomes approach.

Following a tendering process, three services were engaged to deliver the LSCS. These are:

  • Red Cross;
  • Mission Australia; and
  • Baptcare.

The Project team is also seeking proposals from organisations to evaluate the LSCS.  That will allow us to assess the benefits of the initiative for clients.  The delivery of the LSCS will also be linked to two of the other initiatives - the Privacy and Information Sharing Initiative and the System Based Initiative.  These initiatives will explore and test how to improve information sharing between services about mutual clients and reducing the need for clients to repeat essential information, while protecting client’s rights.

Project updates, and further information on the project and its initiatives, are available through this link: