Joined Up Project Update - January 2017

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The Tasmanian Government is committed to delivering a more joined up service and support system for vulnerable individuals and families, especially those with complex support needs.
The Joined Up Human Services Project (Joined Up) commenced in 2014 and is working to see how support services can work together to better meet community needs and put people first. Five initiatives have been established to test service integration and coordination.

Below is the latest activity snapshot within each of the five initiative areas:

Place Based Initiative:

The Huon Valley in the State’s south was chosen to demonstrate the Place Based Initiative. Local service providers identified that nearly 120 organisations are key to the community, including housing and crisis accommodation, family violence, disability support, emergency services, schools, emergency food relief health, community aged care and mental health.

In October 2016, a Social Network Analysis was undertaken by Swinburne University, which involved interviewing and surveying 76 respondents participating in the initiative.

The results of the Analysis were used to guide a workshop held in November 2016 with 27 service representatives to form collaborative improvement projects for the next 12 months. These projects are defined and led by volunteers from the Huon Valley service network. A second survey will be conducted in the second half of 2017 to measure improvements across the service system.

Person Based Initiative:

The procurement process to identify suitable service providers to support the roll out of the Lead Support Coordination Service has been a focus on the project team.

The process commenced in June 2016 and the team has shortlisted four organisations to deliver the Service. The Department is currently in negotiations with the shortlisted organisations to finalise service arrangements.

January and February 2017 will include a range of workshops with appointed suppliers to fine-tune the Service before clients commence. An independent evaluator will also be appointed in early 2017 to measure the success of the Service and recommend changes for further improvement.

Service Improvement Initiative:

The Service Improvement Initiative is essentially an extension of the person-based initiative and will provide the same Lead Support Coordination Service to a minimum of five families selected by the project team and Children and Youth Services. The aim of this initiative is to see if earlier intervention and support can divert those families away from statutory intervention and keep the families together.

System Based Initiative:

The key focus of activity under the System Based Initiative is to provide an ICT system to support the Lead Support Coordination Service. The system will need to provide client coordination and outcome monitoring functions. The initiative will help to understand whether using such a system can speed up the rate of referral and reduce the need for clients to ‘re-tell’ their stories.

The ICT supplier will work collaboratively with Lead Support Coordination Service suppliers and the Evaluator to refine the Coordination service processes and system requirements. It is anticipated that the ICT system will be launched in March 2017.

Privacy Legislation Initiative:

The Lead Support Coordination Service workshops scheduled to take place in February 2017 will include three scenarios to be explored under the Privacy Legislation Initiative. The initiative will test the consent model of the Coordination service, barriers and practical solutions for sharing information during client service coordination.

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