Key Messages from Community Sector Roundtable, 19 June 2014

Minister Petrusma hosted a roundtable on 19 June 2014 with Tasmania's Community Sector peak bodies and the current providers of intake and assessment services.

The Roundtable has begun the conversation about what an improved, joined-up services system could look like in Tasmania.

The Minister acknowledged the significant reform and work that has already occurred in recent years, including the Disability and Family Support Gateways and Housing Connect.

The Minister reinforced the need for a model appropriate to Tasmania, that recognises our unique differences and strengths. She acknowledged this is not a matter of bringing in a model from other states and territories.

Roundtable participants agreed this would be a long term project that would take two to four years to fully implement, and would focus on co-design with organisations, government, workers, clients, their carers and the general community.

The discussion recognised the importance of building on existing strengths and acknowledged there is much work to be done both within government as well as across the community to achieve a truly joined up service model.

There was also acknowledgement that significant change has already happened in recent years and there is currently much uncertainty facing the sector. The Minister recognised the need to work with her Commonwealth colleagues as this project continues.

Roundtable participants agreed that the first task is to scope the project and develop a shared vision of what a more joined-up service system would look like for Tasmania, for consideration by Government by Christmas this year.

This will be done in close collaboration with the government and the sector including peak bodies, service providers, workers, clients and their carers.

It will have a firm focus on the client, and how to improve service experience and outcomes for vulnerable Tasmanians.

The options developed during this first phase will inform what the next steps might be.