Right to Information Disclosure Log

Interim procedures for disclosing information released in response to Right to Information Act 2009 requests in Tasmania were announced on Tuesday 9 June 2015.

Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 48 hours of being released to the applicant. This only applies to applications received after 9 June 2015.

The new approach makes information released to an applicant available to a wider audience and increases Government transparency and accountability.

Applicants should note that:

  • if they seek and are granted a waiver of the application fee on the basis of general public interest, and it is determined that the information is in the broader public interest, publication of the released information is likely.
  • their identity will not be published. The category of applicant will be published, i.e. Member of Parliament, media representative, private individual.
  • a summary of the application will be published. This gives context to the nature of the released information.
  • only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information will be published.
  • information of a commercial or confidential nature will not be published.

Detailed policies reflecting this change will soon be available. The table below will be updated when information is published.

This table includes disclosures by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Tasmanian Health Service.

Category of applicantSummary of requestInformation released
Member of Parliament Emergency Department patients by post code and hour of presentation RTI201718-075-THS
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery Human Resources (Jan 2017 to Mar 2018) RTI201718-068
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (Mar 2017 to Apr 2017) RTI201718-067
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (Jan 2018 to Mar 2018) RTI201718-066
Member of Parliament Ambulance Tasmania call out postcodes RTI201718-065
Member of Parliament Creation Of Department of Communities Tasmania RTI201718-064
Industry body Nursing and Midwifery (Nov and Jan) RTI201718-063-THS
Member of Parliament Child Protection Cases RTI201718-059
Industry Body LGH Operating Room Suite RTI201718-057-THS
Industry Body JMG RHH Façade Audit RTI201718-056-THS
Journalist Public housing stock RTI201718-056
Private Citizen NWRH Occupancy Numbers 2016-2017 RTI201718-054-THS
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (September and October) RTI201718-051-THS
Member of Parliament Number of children in out of home care. RTI201718-047
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (Jan 16 to Jan 17) RTI201718-042-THS
Journalist Appointment of CatholicCare RTI201718-037
Member of Parliament Tas Access Point Evaluation RTI201718-034
Journalist THS Executive Expenses RTI201718-030
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (July and August) RTI201718-028-THS
Member of Parliament Redevelopment of RHH RTI201718-009
Private Citizen Real estate agent RTI201718-007
Member of Parliament Correspondence regarding RTI201718-059 RTI201718-004
Industry Body Nursing and Midwifery (May and June) RTI201718-001