Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality - 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2017

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The register below shows gifts, benefits and hospitality and their value that have been accepted by the Department of Health and Human Services and their employees between October 2017 and December 2017. This register is updated each quarter.

Date of receipt of offer

Description of Gift


Estimated/Actual Value

Provider of the Gift

14 October 2017

ticket for an Awards Dinner

Ticket for Tasmanian Pharmacist Awards Dinner was offered to me as an LGH pharmacy employee (more senior staff were not able to attend)


Rachel Blight on behalf of Symbion Pharmacy Services

9 November 2017

State Business Lunch with Premier

CEDA State of the State Business Lunch with Premier. Table hosted by Westpac who are the Government's contracted Bank for Transactional Banking Revenue Collection and Corporate Card Services. DHHS are a key client of Westpac. Government's Client Manager.


Darren Backhouse, Relationship Manager Westpac

28 November 2017

invitation to attend CEDA State of the State Business Lunch

I was invited by Westpac when another attendee became unavailable. I would like to accept the offer from Westpac as I am interested in the presentation from the Premier. I do not have any direct influence on the banking contract as this is administered by the Department of Treasury and Finance. I am the main liaison point for DHHS with Westpac in regards to the services that they provide to the Department /THS. Darren is the Manager of the Tasmanian Client Service area of Westpac.


Darren Backhouse, Relationship Manager Westpac