Pre-employment checks

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Pre-employment checks

A significant number of Department of Health and Tasmanian Health Organisation employees, volunteers, students and contractors are required to obtain checks prior to commencement of employment with us or when moving to a different role. The checks may include:

• Identity
• Disciplinary action in previous employment, and a
• Criminal history check.

We have a duty of care and are committed to providing high quality, safe health and human services to the people of Tasmania and establishing the suitability and credentials of people engaged by us. As you would understand these checks are particularly important where individuals are dealing with clients, families and client information.

We usually co-ordinate and pay for convicition checks for employment, but for volunteers, students and contractors different approaches may apply. Written consent is required for us to initiate a disciplinary or criminal conviction check. Anyone unwilling to a pre-employment check where it is required will no longer be considered for employment.

Employment in positions requiring essential checks

The requirement for a pre-employment check is identified in the positions Statement of Duties. Criminal history checks will only be undertaken for the successful candidate.

Checks for volunteers and students

Pre-employment checks are mandatory for volunteers and students who are 18 and over and must be available prior to commencement with us

Pre-employment check process

Identity and disciplinary checks will be initiated by us where required. For criminal history checks relevant information is entered into our database and forms are then forwarded to Tasmania Police who conduct a National Criminal History Check. We make an assessment of the National Police Certificate and any other information obtained via the checking process. The generic conviction areas include:

• Crimes of Violence
• Sex-Related Offences
• Serious Drug Offences
• Crimes Involving Dishonesty
• Serious Traffic Offences
In determining whether you convictions are relevant to the role consideration is given to:
• nature and frequency of offence(s);
• relevance of offence(s) to position;
• age at which the offence(s) was committed;
• how recent was the offence(s);
• degree of rehabilitation;
• general character since the offence(s)
• whether the offence(s) is still a crime.

If there are any relevant charges or convictions a determination will be made. You may be contacted for further information. Further assessment will then be made prior to the clearance process being finalised and you will be notified of the result. Once the final assessment has been made, our database is updated.


Your privacy is retained by limiting the access to your conviction check results to HR and the hiring manager involved in the employment or commencement activity. We also do not retain a copy of the check once a decision is made. The only record that is retained is a satisfactory or unsatisfactory wording. Once the assessment has been completed the national police check is destroyed by an HR team member.