Becoming a Dental Prosthetist



How do I become a dental prosthetist?

To become a dental prosthetist you must qualify as a dental technician and then complete a further two years part time traineeship which includes:

  • Workplace based training in a clinical setting; and
  • A theoretical component through a training organisation.


What is a dental prosthetist?

Dental prosthetists are registered primary health care professionals who are qualified dental technicians and have completed further dentistry studies in order to have direct
patient contact for the construction and maintenance of dental prosthetic appliances.

A career as a dental prosthetist would be a good choice for people who like working with tools and equipment, can apply a high level of attention to detail and precision, have good time management skills and possess good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. In addition, if you have an artistic ability to construct form and design and find being a good listener with sensitivity to the needs of others as personally rewarding, you have some qualities that make you well suited to pursue a dental prosthetist career.


What do dental prosthetists do?

A dental prosthetist's clinical role is focused on diagnostic, preventive and fabrication duties, in relation to removable dentures, to provide a complete dental prosthetic service for the replacement and protection of natural teeth. The dental prosthetist constructs and repairs dentures. Dental prosthetists also make mouthguards. 


Where do dental prosthetists work?

There is demand for dental prosthetists in both the private and public dental health sectors.


Working for Oral Health Services Tasmania

Oral Health Services Tasmania employs dental prosthetists to work in our busy urban clinics.

Oral Health Services Tasmania currently supports a limited number of dental prosthetist traineeships for dental technicians who are already employed with Oral Health Services Tasmania.

For more information about the Dental Prosthetist training course follow the links below:

Useful links

-          Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (ADPA)

-          Australian Dental Association website

For more information on employment opportunities visit the Tasmanian Government Jobs website