RNTP Mental Health Nurses

RNTP Mental Health Nurses

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Your Statewide and Mental Health Services Placement

It is recognised that the newly registered nurse requires support to enable consolidation of his / her knowledge and skills.  Nurses in transition to practice placements are supported through allocation of clinical preceptors, clinical practice development including realistic goal setting, professional development tailored to the requirements of the transition nurse and a Nurse Transition to Practice Coordinator whose primary focus is ensuring RN transition to practice support. Successful transition nurses who are placed within Statewide and Mental Health Services are appointed for up to 12 month, fixed term contracts. Rotations may be offered into other clinical settings within the geographical area such as acute care or rural settings.  

Statewide and Mental Health Nurses in Tasmania are committed to making a difference.


Statewide and Mental Health Services provide specialist support and care to patients accessing services in the following health settings:

  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Forensic Health Services
  • Mental Health Services 


Northside Clinic

An acute 20 bed, mental health inpatient facility located within the grounds of the Launceston General Hospital. Transition nurses gain experience in caring for patients with acute mental health issues.

North West

Spencer Clinic

An inpatient Mental Health Service located within the North West Regional Hospital. It assists adults who have a serious mental illness or disorder and need 24 hour care. Specialist services range from medical, nursing and allied health assessment and treatment in acute inpatient units to a long term support and treatment focus in community based facilities.


Department of Psychological Medicine

Situated in the Royal Hobart Hospital, Ground floor.
The Department of Psychological Medicine is a 34 bed unit which is part of Mental Health Services – South, collocated at the Royal Hobart Hospital and provides acute, inpatient care for the adult age group predominately who have serious mental illness or disorder. Psychiatric care in this unit involves the provision of assessments and interventions to help manage and treat patients with mental health and related issues, including serious mood and thought disorders, personality and eating disorders, as well as chronic pain and management of chronic diseases. 

Millbrook Rise / Tyenna

Situated at Hobart Rd, New Norfolk
Millbrook Rise accommodates 27 clients in three different wards. Tyenna Blue is a six bed, high dependency unit which provides 24 hour care to individuals with a serious mental illness who require treatment in a secure environment. Tyenna Green is an 11 bed open ward that functions as a step up step down area for clients as they become more stable. The Clyde Unit is a ten bed ward for older persons. Tyenna provides extended and secure care for adults, generally up to 65 years of age, who have a serious mental illness or disorder, need 24 hour care and are not recovered sufficiently to adequately manage within more independent living options within the community. Specialist services range from medical, nursing and allied health assessment and treatment with a focus on longer-term rehabilitation, support and treatment.

Wilfred Lopes Centre

Situated near the Risdon Prison complex, Risdon Vale

The Wilfred Lopes Centre is a 24 bed unit with both high dependency and extended care beds that sits under the Forensic Health Services. The Centre provides specialist inpatient care including mental health and risk assessment, treatment and case management for offenders (or people at risk of offending) who have a serious mental illness. Clients are provided with contemporary, professional and highly specialised psychiatric care and treatment so that their condition is well managed. The Wilfred Lopes Centre is staffed by highly trained specialist mental health nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social worker, occupational therapists and other ancillary staff.

Alcohol and Drug Service

Situated at the St Johns Park Complex, Newtown
The Alcohol and Drug Service is a key provider of specialist treatment services for Tasmanians who are affected by alcohol and drug use. Aim: To ensure that Tasmanians affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug use have access to appropriate, timely, effective and quality treatment services, supports and interventions which are based on contemporary best practice.

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Application Process

If you wish to apply for a Mental Health position please complete the application form for Statewide and Mental Health Services. If you are interested in undertaking a rotation within another clinical setting (ie; acute care, rural) please ensure you also complete the relevant THO geographical area application form.

If you would like further information, or are experiencing difficulty in completing the application please contact:

Statewide and Mental Health Services (North and North West) - email  or phone: (03) 6336 5545

Statewide and Mental Health Services (South) – email or phone (03) 6233 6920