Working as a Nurse on the Bass Strait Islands

Working as a Nurse on the Bass Strait Islands

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Combine lifestyle and career on a beautiful and pristine remote island!

Working as a Nurse on one of the mesmerising Bass Strait Islands gives you the opportunity to fulfil a rewarding career in an idyllic part of the world. You will also have access to additional financial benefits to enhance your work and life on your unique island paradise!

Relocation costs including:

  • Air fares for you and your family to relocate to the Bass Strait Islands from overseas or within Australia.
  • Reimbursement for moving costs of furniture and personal effects
  • Reimbursement for the cost of transporting up to two vehicles to your new Island residence.
  • Reimbursement of expenses for boarding and transporting of domestic pet(s) such as dogs, cats and birds.

Air Fares

From the Bass Strait Islands to Mainland Tasmania or Melbourne three times a year for you and your dependents

Special accommodation payment

Up to 12 weeks to cover reasonable costs of temporary accommodation.

District Allowance

District Allowance is to payable to all nurses working on the Bass Strait Islands. Currently the allowance is $2385.25 per annum, pro rata.

Remote Allowance

Additional salary allowance of 10% calculated on the employee’s base rate of salary (including incremental point), pro rata.

Additional Professional Development Allowance

It has been acknowledged by your employer the importance of additional professional development for those nurses and midwives working in remote locations. An amount of up to *$3,243 is available for additional professional development. This is in addition to the annual payment ($650 full time equivalent) of standard professional development payable to all nurses.  The allowance may include costs associated with conference fees ie registration, online education, text books, journal subscriptions, domestic airfares, costs for accommodation, meals and transport costs.

Zone Tax Offset

The zone tax offset is a tax concession offset offered by the Australian Tax Office for people who live in remote areas of Australia. This offset is to assist with the higher cost of living, amenities and other environmental factors associated with remote living.  The zone tax offset can provide significant tax savings.

The Bass Strait Islands have been defined as “Special” within Zone B. More details including tax calculators are available at the link below:

ATO Zone offsets calculators and tools

Education Assistance Payment

If you work and live on the Bass Strait Islands and have  a dependent child/children attending school you will be reimbursed for actual costs associated with the transferring of your children from one school to another, up to the limit of *$702 per child. Costs can include:

  • uniform purchase;
  • school levies;
  • replacement prescribed text books;
  • other expenses as approved

Further benefits, information and links

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging is available to all nurses employed with the Tasmanian Health Service (THS).  Our Salary Packaging provider is a company called Maxxia who can be contacted on 1300 123 123. You are entitled to access the THS salary packaging program. Fringe benefits at the rate of $9,095 per annum per employee don’t incur fringe benefits tax (FBT) and is free of income tax. Some elements that can be packaged include;

  • Private home mortgage repayments;
  • Personal loan repayments;
  • Private home rental payments;
  • Child care expenses;
  • Higher Education Loan Program (HELP);
  • Credit card reimbursement;
  • General insurance premiums;
  • Health insurance premiums;
  • Life insurance premiums;

  • Aged care expenses;
  • Disability care expenses
    • Living expenses (not subject to GST);
    • Living expenses (subject to GST);
    • Meal entertainment expenses;
    • Salary Packaging Payment Card;
    • School fees; and
    • Club membership;
    • Venue hire.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is a flexible remuneration program which gives you the potential to maximize your salary by using pre-tax salary towards specific work related items. Salary sacrifice is different to salary packaging.  You are able to salary sacrifice additional superannuation to your superfund. This can be done as a percentage or dollar amount. You are also able to salary sacrifice other work related items such as laptops, computer software, mobile phones and other work related items which means you can further reduce your taxable income and pay less tax.  Salary sacrifice is also available for novated motor vehicle leases.

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* All allowances are adjusted annually