Midwifery Education Frequently Asked Questions

Midwifery Education Frequently Asked Questions

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Midwifery Education in Tasmania is provided by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

  • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been designed to assist with queries about the
    Bachelor of Midwifery (BMID) 2020 and to be read in conjunction with the Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry) presentation, prepared by Elizabeth Rigg, course coordinator USQ

About BMID

Q. What is the USQ course?

A. Bachelor of Midwifery (BMID) – Graduate Entry for Registered Nurses. Two years full time with clinical placements in Tasmanian Maternity Services. More information -  Bachelor of Midwifery Graduate Entry

Q. When can I submit my application for the BMID?

A. Applications open August 2019 - Close October 2019. A fee applies for all applications, for up-to-date information go to Key Dates and Fees

Q. Where do I submit my application?

A. You have two options:

  • (a) If you are new to USQ, apply with QTAC
  • (b) If you are a current or previous USQ student, apply with USQ

Q. When will I know whether my application has been successful?

A. You may be contacted to undertake an industry interview in early November 2019 associated with paid clinical placement

  • Main offer round occurs at the end of November 2019
  • Last round offers may occur as late as 11 January 2020

Q. What do I do if get an offer?

A. Accept the offer straight away and at the same time:

  • Submit your mandatory documents to InPlace
  • Enroll in all of the units of study as per the USQ website.

Q. Can I apply for the BMID if I am still completing my Bachelor of Nursing?

A. Yes you can still apply for the BMID however, you will need to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia via AHPRA prior to the course commencing. While not mandatory, it is worth considering weighing up the benefits of time in practice i.e. transition to practice program and consolidation of your registered nurse skills, knowledge and practice before you move onto additional study in midwifery. You would also need to be mindful that your professional obligations as an RN still apply while you are a student midwife.

Residential Schools

Q. What is a residential school?

A. Residential schools are face-to-face contact time, with the teaching staff and other students in an educational setting, for lectures and tutorials on course theory as well as providing an opportunity to practice clinical skills, in a Simulated Learning Centre. The first residential school includes an orientation to the expectations, assessments and the course learning platform ‘Study Desk’.

There are three compulsory attendance residential schools in this course. These will be held in Hobart.

Q. What if I can’t attend residential schools?

A. It is compulsory to attend each residential school. If this is an issue for you please contact USQ when you receive your offer.

Q. Where are the residential schools held?

A. Residential schools are held in Hobart.

Q. Is there accommodation support for students for residential schools?

A. Students from the North and North West are provided with accommodation in Hobart for the residential schools. Contact ea.ocnmo@health.tas.gov.au for further information.

Q. When is the first residential school?

A. Residential school 1 will be held 17-18-19 February 2020  in Hobart. Dates for the subsequent residential schools will be provided by USQ.

Clinical Placements

All midwifery students are required to complete the course clinical requirements, through placement at a Tasmanian maternity service.

Q. How do I arrange my clinical placement?

A. Your clinical placement will be arranged by USQ, after you have accepted your offer of a course placement with the BMID. You will be asked if you have a preferred site and students are supported to have placements locally.

Q. Can I nominate where my preferred clinical placement will be?

A. You will have the opportunity to nominate your preferred region of placement when you have accepted an offer. You will be placed as close as possible to where you live and/or your nominated preferred region.

Q. When does clinical placement commence?

A. Clinical placement will commence 24 February 2020 directly after the completion of Residential School - 1, and is subject to all the mandatory documentation being in place prior to this.

Q. How many hours are required for clinical placement with the BMID?

A. Placement hours are specified for each semester. Additional information on clinical practice requirements can be found at USQ Handbook

Q. How will I be ‘rostered in placement’?

A. Work closely with your facilitator to ensure you can meet the clinical hours in balance with your other commitments.

Mandatory USQ Requirements

Please collate your mandatory documents immediately on submission of your application. Details on all mandatory requirements are outlined in the USQ Midwifery Professional Practice Experience Handbook.

Immediately on submission of your application  start the process for the following Mandatory Documents

  • Working with vulnerable people card. Please note there are two categories of ‘Registrations to work with vulnerable people’
  • (i) Volunteer – this applies when you are caring for children but not as a paid employee. Tasmanian students in first year clinical placement with a Tasmanian Maternity Service will be in an unpaid employment model. NB: Select this one for first year clinical placement.

However, if you are employed in another role where you care for children, and have current certificate that will cover the period of clinical placement; provide this as evidence to USQ.

  • (ii) Employee/volunteer – this applies when you are caring for children as part of your paid employment. Tasmanian students in second year clinical placement with a Tasmanian Maternity Service will be in a paid employment model. NB: Select this one for second year clinical placement.
  • National Police Check - Australian Federal Police Certificate
  • Hepatitis B Immunisation Record
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and Varicella Immunisation Record
  • Vaccine Preventable form (VDP) can be found under resources on the resources-and-forms page
  • CPR Certification valid for 12 months (whole of 2020)
  • Tasmanian Health Student Orientation Requirements – any orientation modules specific to individual Tasmanian Service Providers
  • Clinical Placement Student Declaration (See Professional Practice Experience Handbook)

Please note: mandatory documents MUST BE current for 12 months and must be completed and submitted before the clinical placement.

No document = No Placement

It is highly recommended that you gather your mandatory requirements at the time you apply so that you are organised when your offer comes through.

Course Fees

Q. Is the BMID at USQ Commonwealth supported place?

A. Tasmanian students enrolled in the USQ BMID will be offered Commonwealth supported places in the BMID

Q. Can I defer my course fees?

A. You may be eligible to defer your course fees, for further information on this option ask USQ

Q. Are there other fees i.e. Student and Amenities Fees?

A. Student and amenities fees apply information can be found on how much will I pay


Q. Are there any scholarships I can apply for?

A. Please access the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwife

Other Scholarships:

There may be other scholarship please take the time to explore options.

Contact details for USQ

Q. What is the best way for me to contact USQ if I have questions that are course specific to the BMID?

A. Questions related to application, enrollment or the course go to USQ

Ask a clinical facilitator a question

Q. I have some questions I would like to ask a local facilitator?

A. Email your question to yvette.story@ths.tas.gov.au Clinical Midwifery Educator at the Royal Hobart Hospital or  debra.clay@ths.tas.gov.au Clinical Midwifery Educator at the Launceston General Hospital.

  • Yvette and Deb are LINC Coordinators for USQ. LINC Coordinators support and facilitated the clinical placements for USQ students.

14 July 2019