Child Safety Work

Child Safety Work

Cycling at SwanseaWorking in Child Safety in Tasmania

We know our jobs can be demanding and you will need resilience, emotional intelligence, a strong ethical decision making framework, the ability to critically reflect and be interested in dealing with complex caseloads.

Our work is varied

Our Agency is part of the support network in the community for Children and families. Our Child Safety Service cover Intake, Response, Case Management and Out of Home Care and Adoptions and our employees may at times work across all these areas. Our dedicated people work at the frontline dealing with demanding situations. We have strong principles and frameworks in place to support our care and protection practice.

We offer an extensive range of employment opportunities across Tasmania and are moving to a strength and evidence based, family focused and child centred service. Our people are committed, our service is dynamic and our client base diverse.  Your work will be varied, not one day will be the same. You will work within a multi-disciplinary team providing clinical and case management services to fit the needs of families where there are often complex issues such as neglect, domestic violence, abuse, substance misuse or mental health problems. As you would imagine this work and the situations you  face can be confronting and difficult but it can also be very rewarding when you see the children and families you work closely with benefiting and growing with your support.

Think about a job with us

We have job opportunities for graduates, experienced practitioners, Team Leaders and support workers and while we know these jobs are challenging they can also be very rewarding.  We do ask people considering a career in child safety to think about what motivates them to apply for these roles, to consider their personal traits, experience, motivations, self image and values and how they might manage facing difficult situations on a regular basis. Some life experiences and motivations do not provide a strong background for child safety work which can be confrontational and upsetting. We don't want to talk you out of it but just want you to be sure you are a good fit for our organisation before you apply. We appreciate that this work can be very tough at times but also know it is important and valuable work.  You are encouraged to contact us to talk about our requirements further.

Why you should join our team

Some of the many benefits of working with us

  • Job satisfaction. Challenging but rewarding roles
  • Regular contact with clients and the community
  • A good combination of office and out of the office work
  • Extending yourself with diverse and challenging caseloads
  • The benefit of working within a supportive, committed inter-disciplinary team environment.
  • Potential for support of conference attendance and for ongoing tertiary study.
  • Great potential for career advancement.
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Being part of a dynamic change agenda to enhance service delivery
  • Excellent professional development, learning and mentoring opportunities
  • Superb locations with varied lifestyle and recreation options.

What we are looking for

Your social work, psychology or welfare qualifications will be welcomed by our hard-working team who share a common goal to minimise risk and maintain children within the family network. Child safety work is becoming increasingly complex, so we require people who are able to practice in a dynamic and testing environment.

You will have to apply sound professional judgement to ensure that services are delivered in the best interest of the child/young person and their family.   Family situations can be complicated and we need people who have a good understanding of how to assess risk and how to put interventions in place to ensure the safety of the child.  You must understand family dynamics and that small changes can have big impacts. You will be capable of assessing risks and development delays, have a range of decision making options to draw on and the capacity to see beyond the superficial presentation.  You will require self awareness and self management skills, dedication, persistence, perspective, honesty and authenticity, flexibility and the ability to engage, empower and build as well as manage strong working relationships and with clients from diverse backgrounds, stakeholders and colleagues. Your strong team skills will support your contribution to maintaining a supportive and respectful workplace.

Qualifications and essential requirements

For Child Safety Officers we require a Bachelor of Social Work or a diploma of Community Welfare Work or other equivalent qualifications which include components of case management/case work practice such as Psychology or Teaching. We do consider a range of other degrees so contact us to find out more about how your skills might apply in our work environment.

For Support Workers a VET qualification from the Community and Health Sector training area is desirable but not essential

All workers require successful completion of a pre-employment conviction check and a Tasmanian working with children check.