HIV positive man to face charges in Queensland

Zimbabwean-born circus performer, Mr Godfrey Zaburoni, has been extradited to Queensland to face charges relating to the intentional infection of another with HIV.

Any individual who believes they had unprotected sex with this man are encouraged to contact the Sexual Health Service on 1800 675 859 or their GP.

HIV may be transmitted when blood, semen or vaginal fluid from an infected person enters the body of an uninfected person. This can happen through:

  • unsafe sex - rectal, oral and vaginal
  • sharing needles and injecting equipment contaminated with blood.

HIV can also be passed from mother to baby during pregnancy, vaginal birth or breast-feeding.

You cannot get HIV from kissing, hugging, sharing eating utensils, insect bites, swimming pools, toilet seats, shaking hands or any everyday social contact.

People who have engaged in unsafe behaviours such as unprotected vaginal and/or anal intercourse or shared injecting equipment with a person with HIV are at risk of HIV infection and should seek counselling, testing and further information.

Practising safe sex and always using condoms when having vaginal or anal sex is the best way to reduce the risk of getting or transmitting HIV through sexual contact.

More information on STIs can be found at the following website