Tougher legislation to safeguard environmental lead exposure

More stringent guidelines to monitor and protect Tasmanians from environmental exposure to lead come into effect 13 February 2010.

The Director of Public Health, Dr Roscoe Taylor, said the guidelines, issued under the Public Health Act, significantly reduce the level at which lead in blood becomes notifiable to health authorities.

“This is a very important measure to further protect the health and safety of Tasmanians by making sure they are aware of the risks from exposure to lead in hazards such as old lead-based house paint, from some hobbies, and other occasional sources such as some imported cosmetics and medicinal products,” Dr Taylor said.

“Tasmanians also should be aware of measures they should take to avoid environmental exposure to lead.

“These include being careful when renovating older homes, briefly flushing cold water taps before drinking, and never drinking directly from external or hot water taps.”


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