100 Energy Champions make cost savings

Housing Tasmania's 100 Energy Champions pilot program is successfully helping Tasmanian families cut their household energy use and power bills.

Tenants are benefiting from the energy efficiency upgrades and solar hot water systems they received with an average energy reduction of 8.4 kWh a day – or a saving of around $610 a year.

Sustainable Living Tasmania surveyed all Energy Champions after the first three months and feedback shows energy use reducing.

The program also gives tenants information they can use to change their energy use patterns to use less power – survey results show more than 80 per cent of participants have done so.

The first stage of Energy Champions provided 107 eligible volunteer households with a free energy assessment of their home by Sustainable Living Tasmania.

The second phase identified those households that would benefit most from solar hot water and installed 100 new solar hot water systems across the state.

The State Government has approved a further $6 million investment in energy efficiency in public housing properties in the 2012-13 and 2013-14 financial years.

$3.5 million will be spent on the next stage of Energy Champions and will soon roll out based on the results of the pilot program.

It will target up to 2000 public housing homes with minor energy efficiency upgrades, education and associated power saving investment.