1400 new affordable homes for Tasmanians

The newly-released Tasmanian Affordable Housing Construction Program Report 2012 showcases how the Australian and State Governments, not-for-profit sector, investors and building and construction industry have combined to deliver 1 400 new affordable homes.

The 1 400 new affordable homes for vulnerable Tasmanians were delivered on time by 30 June 2012 as part of the largest affordable housing construction program in two generations.

Since 2009, the Tasmanian Government has invested over $200 million to increase the supply of affordable housing through a range of Australian and Tasmanian funding.

These new homes have a profound impact on people’s lives and contribute to better, more connected communities.

Over the next four years, around1 000 new units and 271 lots of land are due to start coming on line from the 2012-2013 financial year, providing yet more social and affordable housing options for Tasmanians.

Housing Tasmania is committed to providing quality, sustainable social housing for Tasmanians on low incomes into the future.

It has introduced Better Housing Futures as a new way of providing social housing services in Tasmania.

Better Housing Futures gives tenants the choice of landlord and is the first step towards creating a more sustainable and responsive social housing system that provides better services to tenants and helps promote new supply.

Around 4000 public housing properties statewide will soon be managed by community housing organisations.