Campaign debunks gambling myths

The next stage of the Government’s Know Your Odds campaign was recently launched to debunk the myths surrounding gambling.

Research has shown too many gamblers believe that so-called “systems” can help them beat the odds, or that positive thinking can improve their chance of winning.

People also wrongly believe a machine that has not paid out recently is more likely to give them a win.

The Know Your Odds campaign, which helps dispel those myths, is based on the recommendations of the 2010 Productivity Commission Report into gambling.

Problem gambling can have a devastating impact on individuals, their families, loved ones and the broader community.

This stage of Know Your Odds includes television, radio and cinema advertising highlighting the message that “it doesn’t matter what you believe about gambling, the longer you play, the more you lose”.

There is also a campaign blog and a Facebook page, where people can post questions and comments.

The campaign – funded by the Community Support Levy – started 26 April 2012.

For help when gambling becomes a problem call Gamblers Help 1800 858 858 or visit