Child health checks available

Nurse, Mother and Baby

Mothers of babies and young children are encouraged to make appointments for child health checks.

Contrary to recent media reports, no child health checks have been 'cancelled' by Child Health and Parenting Services (CHAPS).

Some appointments are rescheduled when staff are absent - but an alternative appointment is offered.

When we reschedule, special attention is given to young babies and children with health concerns.

Approximately 25,000 occasions of service were conducted as planned over the past three months. The rescheduled sessions represent less than four per cent of this activity.

Also, prep checks have not stopped. As many prep checks as possible will be completed before the end of term.

CHAPS will continue to offer screening to children through the holidays for any child not seen during term.

CHAPS will shortly start a new model of service which is offering valuable support to Tasmanian parents.

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Christine Long, Director of Nursing, Child Health and Parenting Services

22 November 2012