Extra elective surgery to begin

Hundreds of Tasmanians will soon benefit from new Australian Government health funding as elective surgery procedures start to flow later in September.

The State and Australian Governments have signed an agreement to deliver about 2600 procedures throughout the state over the next four years.

The agreement means at least 500 and up 700 procedures will be carried out this financial year.

In the North West, there will be an additional 57 joint procedures this year, while in the North the package will see another 200 cataract procedures undertaken along with joint replacements, and hernia and gallbladder procedures, among others.

The South will also carry out joint replacements, hernia and gallbladder procedures as well as tonsillectomies, spinal fusions and septoplasty.

The first year will see around $8.8 million invested in elective surgery procedures from a total of $30.5 million over the full four years.

This is on top of an additional $4 million of State Government funding for endoscopy and elective procedures this financial year.

Elective surgery is just one component of the Australian Government health package.

The Department of Health and Human Services has worked closely with clinicians, the Tasmanian Medicare Local, the University of Tasmania and the Commonwealth to ensure patients receive the maximum benefit.

The $325 million Australian Government package is an injection of new money into the Tasmanian health system.

Procedures in 2012-13

THO-North West

Knees: 31

Hips: 26


Knees: 22

Hips: 20

Cataracts: 200

Hernias: 45

Gallbladders: 40

Spinal Fusions: 2

Transurethral resection of the prostate – urological procedure used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia: 20

Bladder suspensions: 10


Knees: 48

Hips: 24

Hernias: 72

Gallbladders: 72

Tonsils: 48

Spinal fusions: 19

Septoplasty – ENT procedure to straighten the nasal septum to correct impeded airflow: 48

TOTAL - 747 procedures throughout the state.