High satisfaction with Ambulance Tasmania

Ambulance Tasmania has once again achieved outstanding results in a recent survey of patient satisfaction.

The results, released by the national Council of Ambulance Authorities, are testament to the professionalism and skill of Tasmania's emergency workers.

Tasmanians have access to a very high standard of care and treatment as borne out by survey results, which found 98 per cent of respondents satisfied or highly satisfied with their service from Ambulance Tasmania.

Ambulance Tasmania achieved a five per cent increase, up to 97 per cent, in respondents satisfied with the conditions of their trip to hospital.

The survey also found 97 per cent of Tasmanians satisfied with the time the ambulance took to arrive, a one per cent improvement on last year.

The ratings for the care paramedics took when attending patients was 99 per cent, the standard of treatment received from paramedics was 98 per cent and satisfaction with the emergency call operator was 99 per cent.

Despite the outstanding results, Ambulance Tasmania will study the survey to see whether any further improvements can be made.

Ambulance Tasmania has a range of initiatives underway to improve ambulance services including additional paramedics for Kingston, the trial of a new first intervention vehicle, the adoption of new clinical guidelines and the expansion into new care models for paramedics.