Improving housing and homelessness services for Tasmanians in need

Housing Tasmania has announced plans to improve how housing and homelessness services are provided to Tasmanians who need assistance.

Following the finalisation of the support and accommodation assistance review, Housing Tasmania will introduce a new social housing and homelessness service system on 1 July 2013.

The new system will make it easier to get housing help through a new one-stop shop.

Tasmanians in need will be assessed once for their housing and support needs – they will no longer need to go to several services and have multiple assessments.

Support will be better targeted to meet need for the duration of need.

Ongoing support will be provided to tenants with high needs to prevent a return to housing crisis and this support will follow the client along their pathway to stable independent housing.

For more information, including the KPMG Support and Accommodation Assistance Review Final Report, visit: