New support for Tasmanians living with disability


The Department of Health and Human Services has appointed a disability services senior practitioner to help improve services for Tasmanians with disability, their families and carers.

The position was created under the new Disability Services Act 2011 to provide oversight, advocacy and support to Tasmanians with disability.

The senior practitioner will be based in the North West and will regularly travel around the state.

The role will ensure the rights of Tasmanians living with disability accessing Government services are protected.

The senior practitioner will work with people living with disability to ensure the services provided to them are in accordance with human rights principles.

Kristen Foss has been appointed to the new role.

Ms Foss, who has experience in disability and mental health, will authorise and monitor restrictive practices and has the power to find ways of supporting people with disability that do not limit their freedom.

For the past six years Ms Foss managed the disability assessment and advisory team in the North West.

She has previously set up new services and as the first manager of Tasmania's Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre helped design its operations.


3 December 2012