New tool to combat problem gambling


DHHS has launched videos for Tasmanian schools, entitled Gambling and Young People, to help teachers and support staff work with students affected by gambling-related problems.

It is well-known problem gambling can lead to families having trouble paying their bills and can also put a significant strain on family relationships, sometimes leading to anger and family violence.

School social workers, teachers and school community leaders are well-placed to identify students affected by problem gambling and to give them the help they desperately need.

The DVDs and web videos will help teachers and support staff identify those students and respond appropriately.

The videos will also help young people better understand the dangers of problem gambling.

While it is illegal for people under 18 to gamble in Tasmania, some find ways to take part.

This resource will help students better understand the risks involved through classroom resources that help explain complex concepts like the “house edge” in ways students can understand.

The new videos will help teachers assist their students using the well-known character, Jack, from the gambling support campaign, Know Your Odds.

The videos and support information are available at

DVDs are being distributed to Tasmanian schools and colleges.

For help when gambling becomes a problem, call the Gambling Helpline 1800 858 858 or visit


7 November 2012