Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment on track

Buillding workers

Tasmanian Health Organisation-South CEO Jane Holden says patients are already gaining access to new facilities at the redeveloped Royal Hobart Hospital after a solid year of achievement.

Ms Holden said the $586 million redevelopment was continuing as planned and new medical services and treatment areas had already opened to the public.

"The next phase begins in early 2013 with the appointment of a managing contractor to manage and build the inpatient precinct buildings, to eventually accommodate dedicated Women's, Adolescent and Children's services."

Ms Holden said the redevelopment was already providing improved hospital facilities for patients and staff, and boosting jobs and the economy.

"Patients are right now enjoying access to new facilities even though the finish date for the redevelopment is some four years away," Ms Holden said.

"A new Assessment and Planning Unit is in operation - providing a more streamlined assessment service for acute medical patients.

"In addition, a new production kitchen is fully operational at Cambridge, providing healthy meals and increased capacity, which in turn can generate income.

"The Department of Medical Imaging had been expanded to include six new ultrasound suites, a new PET-CT scanner and fluoroscopy machine.

"New Day Chemotherapy and Acute Rehabilitation Units are also now operational.

"An extensive, modern fire alarm system and other infrastructure upgrades have also been installed."

Ms Holden said many other works would be finished in early 2013.

"We will soon open an improved Intensive Care Unit featuring increased natural light for patients, and a new Cancer Centre on the corner of Liverpool and Campbell Streets with a new linear accelerator.

"From mid-January, outpatient clinics will be provided from the new Wellington Clinics, with an air-bridge across Argyle Street providing clinicians with efficient access to the main hospital campus.

"These major achievements have been delivered by the hard work and patience of our staff and contractors as well as the support of our patients and the community.

"In peak construction periods, up to 175 construction workers were employed.

"This is expected to double when we undertake the next phase building the multi-storey inpatient precinct buildings starting in early 2013."

Ms Holden said the project team was working with the Tasmanian Industry Capability Network to ensure as many local tradespeople, professionals and suppliers as possible found jobs.

"The skills we're developing on the project will be retained in Tasmanian firms for years to come.

"Redevelopment RHH is transforming our hospital into a modern facility equipped to respond to the health needs of Tasmanians now and into the future."

Key achievements in 2012:

           New production kitchen at Cambridge providing healthy meals for patients and allowing for future commercial expansion

           Extensive fire system, electrical and IT infrastructure upgrades

           New and expanded ICU including additional bed capacity, larger patient treatment bays and increased natural light

           New equipment coordination store

           New emergency generators to circumvent disruptions to power supply during outages or major disasters

           New Assessment and Planning Unit adjacent to the Emergency Department

           New Cancer Centre including a new bunker to house a new linear accelerator. The Cancer Centre will also include a patient support centre and improved accommodation.

           New Day Chemotherapy Unit with increased chair capacity for patients

           Expansion and upgrades to the Department of Medical Imaging including six new ultrasound suites, a new fluoroscopy treatment room and fluoroscopy machine and a new PET-CT scanner

           Fit-out of Wellington Clinics to accommodate outpatient services.

·                      Installation of air-bridge over Argyle Street to link Wellington Clinics with main RHH site.


7 December 2012