Simple guide to healthier workplaces


A new tool to help Tasmanian employers improve workplace productivity, health and safety was launched on 26 October 2012.

The guide shows Tasmanian businesses how to establish a workplace health and wellbeing program or improve their existing practices.

A healthy workplace is good for business and for employees and their families because healthy workers take far less sick days and are happier at work and home.

Australians spend about one third of their waking day at work so this makes the workplace an important place to encourage better lifestyle behaviours.

The choices we make at work can have a big impact on our general health and wellbeing, and our home and family lives.

The World Health Organization rates the workplace as one of the most important places for health promotion.

Your Simple Guide to Workplace Health and Wellbeing helps workplaces tailor programs to suit the needs of their particular workforce at any point in time.

The guide highlights supporting tools, fact sheets, templates and case studies showing how other Tasmanian workplaces have achieved success.

Resources highlighted in the guide include WorkCover Tasmania's Health and Wellbeing Advisory Service and the phone-based Get Healthy Coaching and Information Service.

For more information contact the Health and Wellbeing Advisory Service on 1300 776 572 or visit