Tasmanian Health Organisation service agreements

The new service agreements between the Tasmanian Government and the Tasmanian Health Organisations (THOs) are now publically available.

Chair of the Tasmanian Health Organisations, Graeme Houghton said the service agreements for 2012-13 were the key accountability documents between the Governing Council of each THO and the Tasmanian Government.

“Signing and releasing them to the public is an important milestone in implementing historic national health reforms during the coming year,” Mr Houghton said.

“These reforms aim to deliver better access to services for patients, improved local accountability and transparency and greater responsiveness to local communities.”

Under the National Health Reform Agreement, service agreements must also be publicly released within 14 calendar days of their finalisation or amendment.

“We have met this requirement as we have met all other requirements to date,” Mr Houghton said.

“Tasmania remains firmly on track with this important transition process to THOs.”

Mr Houghton said in the inaugural year of the THOs, the service agreements would be monitored closely and reviewed formally by 1 October 2012, in line with the Tasmanian Health Organisations Act 2011 and the commitments of the Minister.

"The 2012-2013 year is a transition year, and as more services transition into THOs, the Service Level Agreements will naturally be reviewed to reflect that.

“Cooperation and collaboration are the hallmarks of the new funding arrangements for health.

“There is enough flexibility in the system to ensure that the Department of Health and THOs work together to ensure that the services Tasmanians expect are delivered.

“Where that raises budget implications, the THOs will be discussing those issues with the Department of Health and Human Services over coming months.”

Under the National Health Reform Agreement, the THOs and the Minister for Health are required to enter into a service agreement which includes:

  • a schedule of services to be provided by the THO
  • performance goals and objectives for the THO
  • performance standards, performance targets and performance measures for the THO
  • reporting requirements
  • a THO performance management process
  • THO funding provisions.

The service agreements are to be tabled before each House of Parliament, within 10 sitting days after the service agreement is finalised or amendment signed.

As such, the agreements will be tabled in Parliament after it resumes in August.

Copies of the service agreements can be downloaded from http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/tho/service_agreements