Tasmanians donate record number of organs

Organ and tissue donation

Tasmanians have achieved the state's highest ever annual number of organ and tissue donations this year.

As of October, organ donation from 15 deceased Tasmanian donors and their families led to 55 organs transforming the lives of 51 transplant recipients.

Tasmanians are urged to start the conversation about organ and tissue donation with their loved ones today because one donor can transform the lives of up to 10 people.

Increasing family consent rates in Australia is vital to ensure organ and tissue donation for transplants continue to rise because the family is always asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased.

Around 77 per cent of Australians have now discussed their donation wishes with family members, but 44 per cent remain unsure or do not know their family members' wishes.

Around 40 per cent of families say no to organ donation in part because they did not know if their loved one wanted to be an organ donor.

That is why it is important every Tasmanian family ask and know each other's donation wishes.

The DonateLife Tasmania organ and tissue donation team provides support to families in a very difficult situation, sensitively helping them to make an informed decision about donations.

The Royal Hobart Hospital hosted most of the organ and tissue donation activity in the state, accounting for 12 of the 15 donation procedures so far in 2012.


4 December 2012