Tasmania's public housing tenants to benefit from major reform


Mission Australia Housing will manage around 500 homes in Clarendon Vale and Rokeby from March 2013 under major reforms to the state's public housing sector.

This is the first round of homes to be transferred to the community sector under Better Housing Futures, which will eventually see the transfer of up to 4000 homes.

The role of public housing is changing; today it is about helping people find a place to live and access the support and services they need to better connect with their communities.

This reform will give public tenants more choice, access to more services and new opportunities to own their own homes.

Mission Australia has been delivering community and employment services to Tasmanians for over 10 years and will now have an office in the Rokeby and Clarendon Vale area, ensuring tenants have easy access to support.

Community housing organisations can bring private financing into the properties they manage, allowing tenants to benefit from better services, including home maintenance.

The Tasmanian Government is providing a start-up grant of $450,000 to Mission Australia Housing along with the transfer of land valued at around $6 million.

The Better Housing policy meets Tasmania's obligations under the Nation Building and Economic Stimulus Plan and the National Affordable Housing Agreement.

This requires transferring management of up to 35 per cent of public housing stock to the community housing sector by June 2014.

An announcement on stage two of Better Housing Futures is expected early in 2013.


5 December 2012