Abuse in Care Program

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Remaining individuals who suffered abuse while in state care should come forward before the redress scheme closes to new applicants on 15 February 2013.

The Tasmanian Government's Abuse in Care Review Program had spanned nine years over four rounds and paid out more than $52 million in ex gratia payments to more than 1600 people.

The redress scheme has been extended longer than originally intended and is now all-but done.

The scheme was advertised widely and more than 2300 people made a claim, which were independently assessed.

The number of claims has slowed to only seven in the past three months.

The latest advertisements announcing the closure of the scheme to new applicants was placed in major state and national newspapers on Saturday 19 January 2013.

Active claims under the fourth round will continue to be assessed as normal.

From February 15, any remaining eligible claimants can receive support through the Tasmanian Government's existing After Care Support Program by calling 1300 654 583.

Abuse in Care Review Program

 Round   Years               Applicants       Ex-gratia payments      Total amount

1          2003-2004            364                       247                        $9.4 M

2          2005-2006            514                       423                       $14.6M

3          2007-2010            995                       784                       $25.3M

4          2011-14/12/12      485                       231                       $3.5M

TOTAL (all rounds)      2358                    1685                       $52.8M


21 January 2013