Air quality warning for those at risk


Public health authorities are advising people with respiratory conditions to take precautions while the smoke haze from bushfires hangs over parts of Tasmania.

State Manager Environmental Health Services Stuart Heggie said smoke levels had triggered air quality notifications in several parts of Tasmania today (6 January 2013), particularly in the south east of the state.

"A number of air quality monitoring stations are showing moderately high to extremely high average particulate levels today (January 6), which may aggravate pre-existing respiratory conditions for some people," Mr Heggie said.

"These people should protect their health by avoiding smoke inhalation while the heavy smoke haze persists.

"Those most at risk from smoke are infants, people over 65 years and those with lung or heart conditions."

Mr Heggie said people with respiratory conditions should:

           avoid physical activity outdoors

           stay indoors and close windows and doors, unless it becomes too hot indoors

           switch air conditioners to 'recycle' or 'recirculate', if possible

           take their regular medication, including asthma 'preventers'.

For more information about smoke levels in your area visit the Department of Health and Human Services smoke alert monitoring system at

For bushfire crisis and emergency help information visit

 6 January 2013