Beware of hot weather risks

Hot weather

Ambulance Tasmania CEO Dominic Morgan has advised Tasmanians to take a few simple precautions to prevent heat-related injuries today [18 February 2013] as hot weather again sweeps the state.

Mr Morgan said keeping hydrated was especially important in warmer weather.

"Drinking plenty of fluids during long, hot days is extremely important, particularly for the elderly," Mr Morgan said.

"The elderly are less able to cope with the heat and if you know a family member might be at risk from hot weather, please check on them regularly.

"Parents also need to make sure young children drink enough fluids when they are out in the sun for long periods.

"Children should also never be left alone in cars, as this can prove fatal in hot weather."

Mr Morgan urged Tasmanians to call Ambulance Tasmania in the case of a genuine medical emergency by dialling Triple Zero 000.

"It's important to stay calm, listen to operator's questions and remain on the line until the operator has all the important information.

"Try to answer the questions as clearly and accurately as possible," Mr Morgan said.

Keeping cool checklist

Avoid the worst of the weather:

·                Plan your day - try to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day.

·                Put off hard physical activity and household chores for a cooler day.

·                Stay out of the sun and heat.

Dress for the weather:

·                Wear light coloured, loose fitting clothes.

·                If you are outside, get into the shade and wear 30+  sunscreen, a hat, and clothing to prevent sunburn.

Keep hydrated:

·                Staying hydrated is especially important for young children and the elderly.

·                Drink cool water regularly, even if you do not feel particularly thirsty.

·                Carry a bottle of drinking water with you if you must be outside in the heat.

·                If your doctor has limited your fluids, check how much to drink during hot weather.

·                Avoid alcohol, and hot or sugary drinks including tea and coffee - these can increase urine and make dehydration worse.

·                Make ice in your freezer.

·                Eat smaller cold meals such as salads and fruit.

If you get hot, cool down:

·                Wet towels or cool packs on your arms and neck can cool you down.

·                Try putting your feet in cool water.

·                Have a cool shower or a cool bath.

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18 February 2013