Child Health Checks


Child health checks have been discussed in the media this week. Here is the Department's response to questions from The Examiner newspaper on the status of child health checks.


CHaPS does everything possible to maintain full staffing across the state. From time to time we deal with normal staff turnover, unplanned absences, and the challenge of recruiting specialised Child and Family Health Nurses who require qualifications as a registered nurse and child health nurse.

Health checks are available for every young child so that no child in Tasmania misses out.

The system of Prep screening is being superseded by a comprehensive Healthy Kids Check at four years of age so that children are ready for learning as soon as they start school.

Healthy Kids Checks include improved vision and hearing tests. They are available at your local Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) child health centres, and most Child and Family Centres. 

After this year parents will need to ensure their kids have a Healthy Kids Check so they start school in the best possible health.

The transition to Healthy Kids Check is ahead of schedule in the North and North West and the South is completing a catch up with children who missed a Prep check in 2012.

For more information on Healthy Kids Check in the South call 6230 7878, in the North 6336 2130, and in the North West 6434 6414.

Dr Susan Diamond, Acting Deputy Secretary, Children, DHHS

10 July 2013


The Examiner's story

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