DHHS Annual Report 2012-13

The Department of Health and Human Services' Annual Report 2012-2013 shows we are continuing to provide excellent services despite increasing demand from patients and clients.
It has been a tremendous effort from staff who have not only delivered the services Tasmanians expect, but also responded to significant structural changes, cost pressures and a major bushfire emergency.
There has been a significant drop in the Housing Tasmania wait list of 14 per cent to a level not seen for more than a decade – a result of building hundreds of new houses and implementing structural reform.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is beginning its roll-out, and it will transform the lives of around 10 000 Tasmanians by the time it is fully implemented in 2019.
Our efforts to protect and support Tasmania's children are bearing fruit with a significant increase in the number of investigations being completed by child protection workers.
Ambulance Tasmania reduced its median emergency response times by 12 seconds to 11 minutes despite the number of call-outs increasing by more than six per cent in the past year.
This year we also  published the five-yearly State of Public Health Report accompanied by the Health Indicators Report. This is a major piece of work that shows Tasmanians' life expectancy is improving and self-reported health is generally good.
This past year has been a watershed for the Department, with the creation of three Tasmanian Health Organisations (THOs) that now manage health locally.

DHHS Annual Report, and THO Annual Reports are available online here


Latest Performance Progress Chart available here


17 October 2013