Medical Imaging Upgrade

A major milestone in the redevelopment of the Royal Hobart Hospital has been marked this week with the opening of the new Medical Imaging Department.

The $9.3 million redevelopment, which includes new suites and modern equipment, was opened this week.

The works are part of the State Government's $100 million contribution to Phase 1 of the RHH redevelopment.

The new facilities will make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families.

The inclusion of the state's first public PET/CT scanner, funded by the Commonwealth Government, means patients no longer have to travel to Melbourne for this technology.

The works also provided six new ultrasound suites, a new fluoroscopy room with a new fluoroscopy machine, a new bone mineral density machine and suite in addition to new reception and patient waiting areas and a new staff room. Staff offices, meeting rooms and clinical reporting rooms were also upgraded.

The more practical layout had greatly improved both staff and patient flows and accessibility.

The renovations, together with a new x-ray room in the Wellington Centre and a new CT scanner in the Emergency Department (ED), significantly improve patient convenience by reducing patient movement within the hospital.

Health reform is also delivering the services needed at the RHH including additional radiographers for ED providing a dedicated 24 hour, 7 day-per-week emergency service for patients requiring CT scans and plain x-rays.

Along with physical improvements to the Medical Imaging Department, computer and patient record systems have also been upgraded.

Images and reports are now readily available to clinicians across Tasmania, significantly improving responsiveness for patient care.

The statewide system provides clinicians with the complete digital history of a patient's radiology records which is particularly useful for patients who are being transferred and also reduces re-imaging requirements which ultimately means less radiation to the patient.

Local construction firms, Hazell Bros and Hansen & Yuncken, employed a range of skilled trade professionals on the site.

This is part of the $586 million RHH Redevelopment which is delivering a modern, best-practice hospital to respond to the health needs of Tasmanians now and into the future.

9 April 2013