New Direction for Preventing Drug Misuse

A new plan was launched today to improve early intervention and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and drug misuse. 

The plan, Everybody's Business, was launched at an alcohol tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) sector forum in Campbell Town. 

The cost to Australia of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and misuse was estimated at $56 billion in the 2004–2005 financial year. 

That figure includes the costs to the health and hospitals system, lost workplace productivity, road accidents and crime. 

The scale of the issue is confronting and highlights the need for all organisations and service providers to play their part preventing drug and alcohol misuse.

It is a challenge that affects us all as a community and it demands a community response. 

We must also take a public health approach and focus on the health and well-being of communities, families and individuals so that we tackle the underlying causes of drug and alcohol misuse and not just obvious symptoms. 

Everybody's Business is an important tool that will help government agencies, private and public health providers, and community sector organisations take a more preventive health approach. 

Promoting good health, preventing injury and diseases, and intervening early is vital in creating healthy communities and improving the quality of life for Tasmanians. 

Everybody's Business establishes a framework for promotion, prevention and early intervention for the ATOD sector and for the broader community.

Its purpose is to provide a structure to encourage strategies that address health needs and tackle substance use. 

There is already good preventative work happening and this framework should help strengthen that work across the sector and the community. 

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