Patient Transport Assistance Scheme

Patient transport

The Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (PTAS) supports patients travelling to and from the specialist medical services both in Tasmania and on the mainland.

Every patient is entitled to a safe form of transport under PTAS.

PTAS helps patients by covering the cost of the most economical, clinically appropriate mode of travel, taking advice, where necessary, from the referring medical specialist.

Those with extenuating circumstances are able to have their taxi expenses paid for as appropriate. Most patients are now required to keep their taxi receipts so they can have these reimbursed. However those who can demonstrate significant financial hardship may still be able to receive cab vouchers.

Extenuating circumstances include where patients who are immuno-compromised, non-ambulatory, sight or hearing impaired, carrying medical equipment, or mothers with infants and young children.

This policy meets our obligations to help patients and to use public funds appropriately and is consistent with statewide policy agreed following a review in 2011.

In line with this review it was recommended that patients travelling interstate take airport buses instead of receiving cab charge vouchers, unless there are extenuating medical needs.

THO-South has been gradually phasing in the practice in consultation with patients and medical staff to come into line with the rest of the State. THO-South fully adopted the approach on 1 July 2013.

The change is about coming into line with statewide policy while retaining clinical input into the appropriate mode of travel.

Patients now organise their transport and bring receipts for reimbursement unless there are particular clinical needs and they are issued with cab vouchers.

Patients can telephone the patient travel coordinator to discuss their individual needs.

  • In the south on 6166 8225
  • In the North on 6777 6249
  • In the North West on 6434 6984

18 July 2013