Planning Safe Parties

Parents will be better equipped to discuss underage drinking with teenagers following the launch of new resources. 

The resources give parents practical tips and advice to help create a safer environment for young people and alcohol.  One in two Australians aged 15-17 who get intoxicated will do something they regret.

As a parent or guardian, whether you're hosting a party at home or your young person is attending a party, it can be hard to know the best way to manage the issue of alcohol.

The Party Rules Booklet and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol to Youth animation are great resources which work together to help educate and inform both parents and young people of their responsibilities when it comes to alcohol.

The Tasmanian Teen Drinking Law Facilitators Manual has also been launched and is aimed at the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug sector.  It provides a guide for educators and health professionals to run forums for parents about the Teen Drinking Law.

These resources provide a simple framework for parents, guardians and young people to work within when planning or attending parties.

Using these resources we can be sure that as a community we are providing consistent messages about what is expected – and required – of young people if they choose to consume alcohol."

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